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Ethereum introduces a new way for using Wallet “without the seed phase.”

Ethereum introduces a new mechanism to enable crypto wallets without a 12-digit seed phase, boosting the ‘ease’ of blockchain access and attracting more users worldwide.

Ethereum announced the launch of ‘ERC-4337,’ Ethereum’s new currency standard, which will let consumers to utilize crypto wallets without remembering the 12-digit seed phases, instead employing hardware wallets or mobile phone security technologies like as face scanning or fingerprint scanners.

‘Yoav Weiss’ introduced ERC-4337 on March 2 at WalletCon. According to the Ethereum Foundation’s security researchers, the improvement will make Ethereum more user-friendly and accessible to a larger spectrum of users.

“The next billion users are not going to write 12 words on a piece of paper. Normal people don’t do that.”

“We need to give them better usability, they shouldn’t need to think about cryptographic keys.”

Yoav Weiss said.

The ERC-4337 is not only utilized with Ethereum, but also with EVM-compatible blockchain or Ethereum-compatible systems such as Polygon, Optimist, Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, and even Bitkub Chain and JFIN Chain.

According to the article, ERC-4337 has now been effectively launched on Ethereum’s mainnet.


Credit : Cointelegraph