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High Fashion Is Coming to the Otherside With Gucci and Yuga Labs

Are you ready for the next level of fashion? Gucci has partnered with Yuga Labs to explore Web3 and fashion. The luxury fashion brand said on Twitter that it’s teaming up with Yuga Labs, “blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital.”

Gucci has previously taken steps into Web3, In February 2022, the company purchased an undisclosed amount of land in metaverse game The Sandbox to experiment with plans to host virtual experiences.

Gucci and Yuga Labs previously teamed up to collaborate on the Gucci Grail collection, utilizing 10KTF creator Wagmi-San’s designs for the collection.

This is a huge opportunity for both Gucci and Yuga Labs to showcase their creativity and innovation in the Web3 space. They are not only creating digital fashion items, but also building a community of fans and collectors who appreciate their vision.

If you are a fan of Gucci and Web3, you don’t want to miss this collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on their exciting projects and how you can get involved. This is the future of fashion!



Burger King in Paris Accepts Crypto Payments via Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay for Instpower Powerbanks

Are you looking for a convenient way to charge your devices while travelling? Do you want to use your crypto to pay for power bank services? If yes, then you will love Instpower, the world’s leading power bank-charging service that accepts crypto payments via Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay!

Instpower has partnered with Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay to let you pay with cryptocurrency for power bank devices at more than 14,000 locations worldwide. You can use Binance Pay to pay with crypto at Instpower machines in Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Hungary, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, with many more regions to come.

Binance Pay is a contactless-crypto payment technology that lets you shop with or send crypto to friends and family worldwide. Alchemy Pay is a payment-solutions provider that seamlessly connects fiat and crypto economies for global consumers, merchants, developers and institutions. Together, they make crypto payments possible and easy for Instpower users.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy borderless cryptocurrencies and convenient power bank services with Instpower, Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay. Try it today and share your experience with us!



Texas House Presents Bill to Improve Local Bitcoin Economy and Protect Individual BTC Ownership

Are you ready for some exciting news? Texas is on its way to becoming the most Bitcoin-friendly state in the US! 🚀

A new bill has been introduced in the Texas House of Representatives that would fully protect and “welcome the Bitcoin economy.” The bill would protect individual Bitcoin ownership under Section 9, Article I, of the Texas Constitution, which states that “The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions, from all unreasonable seizures or searches.”

The bill also aims to attract more Bitcoin-related businesses to the state and protect the rights of Bitcoin holders, miners and developers. Texas has already seen a surge of Bitcoin mining activity after China banned it last year, and now it wants to become the nucleus of Bitcoin development in the country.

This is a huge win for Bitcoin and its supporters, who value freedom, privacy and innovation. Texas is showing the world that it is not afraid of embracing new technologies and empowering its citizens. If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, you should definitely keep an eye on this bill and support it however you can.

Texas is leading the way for Bitcoin adoption in the US. Let’s hope other states follow its example and join the Bitcoin revolution! 🙌



Official Launches the First Bitcoin-Themed PEZ Dispenser

Are you a fan of Bitcoin and candy? If so, you’re in luck! According to an article on, a Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser has officially launched for a limited-edition run of 30,000 units. The dispenser is produced by ProSnacktive Sales LLC and exclusively launched on Walmart Marketplace. The dispenser is meant to mirror the scarcity of Bitcoin and create the first Bitcoin-themed candy collectible.

This is a great opportunity for Bitcoin enthusiasts to show their support for the cryptocurrency and enjoy some delicious PEZ candies at the same time. The dispenser features a sleek black design with the Bitcoin logo on the front and a QR code on the back that links to The dispenser also comes with six PEZ candy refills in assorted flavors.

If you want to get your hands on this unique item, you better hurry! The Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser is only available while supplies last and is expected to sell out fast. You can order yours online from Walmart Marketplace for $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of Bitcoin history and have some fun with PEZ!



Nasdaq Plans to Launch Crypto Custody Services in the 2nd Quarter

Are you ready for some exciting news? According to an article on, Nasdaq plans to launch custody services for Bitcoin and Ether by the end of Q2 2023. The move comes after several major players were forced to collapse due to market downturns. Nasdaq’s custody services will further entrench traditional financial firms in the crypto sector.


This is a huge development for the crypto industry, as it shows that Nasdaq, one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, is taking digital assets seriously. By offering custody services, Nasdaq will provide a secure and regulated way for institutional investors to store and manage their crypto holdings. This could boost confidence and demand for crypto, as well as pave the way for more innovation and adoption.


Nasdaq’s crypto custody platform will initially focus on Bitcoin and Ether, the two most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies. However, the company plans to expand its offerings in the future, including execution services for financial institutions. This could create more opportunities for traders and investors to access and benefit from the crypto market.


Nasdaq’s entry into the crypto space is a sign of the times, as more and more traditional finance institutions are embracing digital assets. This could lead to more integration and collaboration between the crypto and TradFi sectors, as well as more growth and innovation for both. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting story!


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Polygon collaborates with Salesforce on an NFT-based loyalty program.

Are you ready for the next big thing in customer loyalty? Polygon and Salesforce have teamed up to bring you an innovative solution that will revolutionize the way you reward your customers.

Introducing NFT Loyalty, a platform that lets you create and distribute unique digital assets as loyalty tokens. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which means they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated or exchanged.

They are also powered by blockchain technology, which ensures their security and authenticity. With NFT Loyalty, you can create customized NFTs that represent your brand, products, services, or experiences.

You can then reward your customers with these NFTs for their loyalty, engagement, referrals, or feedback. Your customers can collect, trade, or showcase their NFTs on various platforms and social media.

This will increase your brand awareness, customer retention, and word-of-mouth marketing. NFT Loyalty is the first platform of its kind that leverages Polygon’s scalable and low-cost layer 2 blockchain network.

Polygon is a leading platform for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. By partnering with Polygon, Salesforce enables its clients to easily access the benefits of blockchain technology without compromising on speed, security, or user experience.

NFT Loyalty is a game-changer for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve and delight their customers with Web3 technologies. If you want to learn more about how NFT Loyalty can help you grow your business and customer loyalty, visit or contact today.



Ledger has released a browser extension to improve cryptocurrency wallet connectivity.

Ledger, one of the largest cold storage crypto wallet providers, has launched a browser extension to improve online security and connectivity for digital assets.

The Ledger Extension is compatible with Ethereum- and Polygon-based dApps and platforms and plans to support more EVM-compatible chains and Solana in the future.

It is only usable on Safari, iOS and MacOS today but will roll out additional support for Windows, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

It has two features that aim to keep users safe when interacting with crypto: it analyzes smart contracts and warns users whether a transaction is potentially malicious.

Ledger is a nine-year-old crypto hardware wallet and cold wallet provider that has sold more than 6 million devices across 200 countries and to more than 100 financial institutions and brands.

About 20% of crypto assets globally are secured through Ledger.

Ledger partnered with Tony Fadell to create an easier, more accessible way for users to secure their crypto through their Ledger Stax product.

In 2022, Ledger partnered with $1.5 billion venture capital firm Cathay Innovation to launch a $110 million fund dedicated to securing crypto assets.

Ledger’s goal is to bring the world of crypto digital assets and wallet-connected apps from “business to geek” to “business to consumer.”

Ledger plans to focus on improving connectivity and security in the crypto space so it becomes easier for consumers and businesses to engage with dApps and platforms in the space. Fast-forward to 2030, the industry won’t be talking about Web 2.0 versus web3, and it will just be the web.


Credit : techcrunch

Forget HTTP, Ethereum has a new, unblockable URL standard.

ERC-4804 enabled Web3 URLs on Ethereum, allowing internet users to access Ethereum applications and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) without worrying about centralized censorship.

The proposal was first proposed on Feb. 14, 2022, and was co-authored by ETHStorage founder Qi Zhou, Ethereum researcher Sam Wilson, and Chao Pi.

ERC-4804 was approved and finalized on the mainnet on March 1.

1/n, I am delighted to announce that the first web access protocol for ETH ERC4804: Web3 URL is approved by EIP editors and finalized!

web3:// (w3url) is decentralized http://. It allow users to directly browse the rich web content on EVM, pages/images/songs!— Qi Zhou (@qc_qizhou) March 1, 2023

Anthurine Xiang, a spokesperson for layer-2 storage protocol ETHStorage, explained that the ecosystem still relies on centralized web servers to access “decentralized” apps, such as Uniswap and GoDaddy.

“Right now, all the DApps claim to be decentralized apps, but how do we get on the webpage? You have to go through the DNS. All those are centralized servers.”

HTTP is the protocol used to access the internet.

Under ERC-4804, internet users can type in “web3://” in their browsers to bring up DApps such as Uniswap or on-chain NFTs directly.

This allows users to directly run a query to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Ethereum-based websites can be accessed by storing content on the Ethereum blockchain or a compatible layer-2 protocol, but the costs are prohibitive.

Ethereum’s storage cost is high, with 1 Gigabyte of on-chain data costing roughly $10 million. Layer-2 storage solutions could help mitigate some of the costs.


Xiang suggested that the new URL standard should be tailored to specific applications.

“Not everything needs to go decentralized. If you are running a pretty good Web2 business and you don’t have to worry too much about centralized censorship. […] You can just go for that.”

The new standard would be useful for DApps or websites at risk of censorship, such as Tornado Cash, which can’t access their website due to censorship.

If a DApp has already been decentralized, why are they still using a centralized website for access?

Bad actors may use the new standard to engage in illicit activity, Xiang said:

I *use* IPFS to store my blog. It has serious UX issues (took ~1h for my last update to propagate). Sticking the blog on-chain would have been way easier.

For blogs, that’s unfortunately too expensive, but for short text records the logic applies.— vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) May 27, 2022

ERC-4804 will allow for dynamic data and interact with websites, making it easier to interact with other blockchains.


Credit : cointelegraph

In less than 20 minutes, Starbucks sells out of its limited-edition NFT collection.

Starbucks, one of the largest coffee chains in the world, has launched a paid collection after the free NFTs it released earlier received more attention. The company is using blockchain technology to design an advanced loyalty program called Starbucks Odyssey, which is being tested by select users who only get a chance to join the whitelist by launching its beta version in December 2022.

The Siren Collection

The Siren Collection, a collection of 2,000 unique NFTs that Starbucks launched yesterday at the Nifty Gateway marketplace, sold out in just minutes. The collection was inspired by the brand’s logo and cost $100, which is only a few times more than Starbucks’ core physical product, coffee.

Starbucks aims to encourage the Web3 community with better bonuses and rewards in the future, and NFTs are increasing in adoption. All NFTs in the collection were sold in a total of 18 minutes, despite the website crashing for a few minutes, rendering it inaccessible.

As of today, the floor price of the collection is $384. 1,167 people own an NFT from the new collection.

Starbucks Builds a Bridge to Web3

Starbucks is targeting users who are not crypto-related or unfamiliar with Web3 technologies by choosing the Nifty Gateway NFT market for this purpose.

This is against the logic of self-custody, but it is a step that increases adoption and facilitates the transition to Web3 technologies. However, the number of users actively using Odyssey in the beta version is relatively low due to Starbucks not promoting the project in physical stores.


Collectible Free NFTs

Starbucks defined certain in-app achievements after launching Odyssey in December 2022, and users who achieved them received four Polygon-based NFTs for free.

Completing achievements required ordering coffee and desserts from Starbucks, completing trivia contests, and purchasing Starbucks gift cards.

Hundreds of NFTs in the Holiday Cheer NFT collection have found buyers for $1,000 and above, and trading volume has reached $225k.

Starbucks, however, calls these collectibles “Stamps” rather than NFTs due to uncertainty of regulations.


Credit : CryptoCoin

According to reports, Elon Musk intends to develop Snailbrook as his own town.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Elon Musk intends to create a company town for the workers of Tesla, Boring, and SpaceX.

Musk purchased 3,500 acres of land in Texas to create the town of Snailbrook, which is a play on the name of the Boring company’s mascot.

The WSJ article confirms that Boring employees have been given the opportunity to submit an application for housing by citing county deeds, emails, and internal communications. A two- or three-bedroom home would rent for about $800 USD per month.

It is most likely that the rumored town will be located in Bastrop County, close to Austin, where Elon Musk runs factories for Tesla, Boring, and SpaceX. 2020 saw the opening of a Tesla Gigafactory in Austin as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

The town would have its own mayoral election and a Montessori school.


Credit : hypebeast