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The SandBox warns users to be wary of email phishing.

Metaverse projects such as The SandBox have urged users to be wary of Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access phishing hacks concealed in malicious emails.

Sandbox writes through articles. Hackers use malware apps to get access to employees’ computer systems. Bad actors afterwards used the information to send emails posing as The Sandbox and providing access to Pureland games.

The email contains hyperlinks that remotely install malware in the system, allowing it to steal users’ personal information or even remotely manage your device without your consent.

On February 26, the firm learnt about the issue, and co-founder Sebastien Borget alerted users through Twitter.

The sandbox attempts to exert control over the circumstance.

According to a medium-sized article, The Sandbox urges email users not to connect with websites linked to links. When hackers disable an employee’s access to the internal system, the employee formats the computer and resets the password.

To safeguard consumers from phishing emails, the sandbox suggests the following precautions:

  •           – Use strong passwords and implement two-factor authentication in order to keep your accounts as safe as possible.
  •           – Do not click on any of the hyperlinks in the email indicated above or any other – emails you suspect may be illegitimate.
  •           – Install and run a trusted antivirus program to identify and remove any malware as soon as possible.
  •           – Consult an IT professional and consider reformatting your computer if you suspect it has been infected with malware.