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MetaMask has released an SDK that allows users to interact with Web3 games.

MetaMask has released a new software development kit (SDK) on the Unity Asset Store. Developers will be able to connect their games to the MetaMask wallet, allowing consumers to engage with Web3-enabled elements within the game. The Unity Asset Market is a decentralized game asset platform that approves third-party gaming solutions. The inclusion of MetaMask on Unity will allow for more interaction between wallet users and Web3 games.

MetaMask into Gaming

Sidequest is a Web3 early adopter initiative developed by MetaMask, ConsenSys, and Infura that offers a $100,000 grant and coaching to help gaming creators shift to Web3. According to DappRadar analysis, the Web3 game business kicked off the year with a boom, raising $156 million across 10 investments in January. MetaMask’s wallet has been constantly evolving and improving, with 858,621 daily unique active wallets accounting for 48% of dapp activity.


Credit : Cryptopotato